What is ShaktiStore.net all about?

the path to enlightenment starts here

Shaktistore.net aims to provide exciting new products not available anywhere else. For almost a decade we’ve been offering our unique services and tools to seekers to help them get the most out of their spiritual practice. Whether it’s basic meditation instruction, to advanced tantric instruction, we have thoroughly digested the ancient wisdom of the east and west and provided ways in which to utilize it skillfully and attain the full benefit which has been saught after for ages. With thousands and thousands of seekers who have thrived from this wisdom via ShaktipatSeer2’s YouTube channel, podcasts, books, DVDs, documentaries, lectures, etc. we are confident in the unique ability of our products to give you the full, utmost, highest experience of spiritual practice by which you will get the best benefit possible.

Shakti means spiritual power, a force or energy which can be felt via the Third Eye when imparted by Shaktipat – a transmission of this force which can take place through a glance, a mantra, a touch, a word, or even a thought – permeates all of the material available to you on our site; as does the gnosis gleaned thereby.

As Shakti is the spiritual energy which lies at the root of the soul, we can safely say that the path to enlightenment starts here.