Enochian Magick Bundle


John Dee was a very enigmatic fellow from the 17th century who served as an astrologer, advisor, and spy for Queen Elizabeth I. He was obsessed with his quest to use occultism to contact and gain knowledge from angels. Upon meeting a partner who had a talent for scrying, he was contacted by various angels who gave him magic sigils, an entire language (called “Enochian” after the prophet Enoch), and a basis for an entire magical system which can be used to invoke what have been referred to as the Auphanim, one of the highest choir of angels. This bundle will give you methods by which to scry into the various letters of the Enochian magick alphabet, a full example of an Enochian ritual by which to contact the Enochian angels, meditations on various angelic magical syllables, and various methods of summoning the inner sight and wisdom given by the Auphanim (example is a full recording of the Enochian calls). This bundle will give you the guided meditations necessary to receive Angelic knowledge through vision and inspiration.



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