Meditation Bundle


In this bundle you get over 20 full length audio and video files which will teach you meditation; from basic to deep, and should keep you busy for a long time! Each audio is usually between 20-40 minutes long, recorded from a state of deep bliss and concentration which will lead you to the same. The benefits of meditation include but are not limited to: treatment for anxiety and other mental health disorders, healthy blood pressure, emotional stability, concentration and focus of the mind, clarity of the mind free from anxiety and disturbing thoughts, overall healthier well-being, boosting of the immune system, and many more scientifically proven benefits. For almost a decade Shaktipat Seer has been a professional meditation instructor, leading countless students to the bliss of meditation, and there is hardly a better teacher available online to learn meditation from! This amazing deal of almost 1,000 recorded minutes of guided meditation can be yours for a simple donation of $9.99. You won’t find any of these meditations anywhere else!


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