Middle Pillar Bundle


The Middle Pillar is a method which was developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn based on their study of Kabbalah and also eastern religious systems. It combines Kabbalistic magick with the understanding of nadis, chakras, and bindus which are found in eastern religions. This simple exercise will begin with stimulation of the Third Eye Chakra, and focus on 5 main centers of pranic circulation in order to bring them into harmony, dispel emotional and mental blockages, build the subtle body of light, purify the consciousness and body, and provide all levels of benefit of meditation in their most potent form. This easy to use meditation, once learned, will give you a daily practice which can take you to the highest levels of tantra and esoteric alchemy. Shaktipat Seer taught the Middle Pillar extensively for many years and made it a staple of his daily Satsang and helped many thousands of people with this practice. Now available in various forms to you in this pack: Enochian middle pillar, Sanskrit middle pillar, Kabbalistic, and more!



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