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The ORIGINAL Pineal Gland Activation Course by Shaktipat Seer!

Shaktipat Seer has been at the cutting edge of spreading information about the pineal gland for almost a decade, ever since his first experience with the transmission of Shakti (spiritual energy) which awakened his dormant pineal gland and gave him the ability to transmit this force to others through his guided meditations, making him a phenomenon on YouTube.

We don’t use any gimmicks, no artificial “frequencies” or “solfeggios” or “binaural beats” to affect the awakening of the dormant psychic channels which are grounded in the pineal gland in the brain and constitute the legendary “third eye”. We use the original technique which has been used since time immemorial; the transmission of the divine spark from master to disciple (Shaktipat).

With this unprecedented course, you’re going to get:

  • A copy of my book “Alchemy of the Pineal Gland”
  • “Pineal Gland Shaktipat Activation Course Ebook” a 14-page .PDF booklet which explains everything you need to know about Pineal Gland Activation, visual aids to use with your meditations, and gives you a two week day-by-day planner on how to use your Pineal Gland Activation Pack most effectively, including recommendations for a daily routine.
  • 14 days worth of Shaktipat meditations and techniques which will ignite the spark of your third eye and give you the tools you need to take Pineal Activation to the next level on your path
  • 1hr long series of Pineal Gland Activation Frequencies made from mantras chanted by Shaktipat Seer to use with your meditation to continue the transmission of Shakti to your third eye
  • 1hr 30 mins, of 15 tracks of my unique meditation music (bonus)
  • 3hrs 30 mins, of isochronic brainwave entrainment tracks (bonus)

With all this, we can guarantee that you’ll achieve the real activation of the pineal gland, and be on your way to the path of actuating your latent potential of transforming the elements of your body into the pure elements of the spiritual realm.

Get this pack today for an incredibly low price and we guarantee you will be happy with the results! Nobody has pioneered pineal gland activation like Shaktipat Seer!



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