Prana Circulation Bundle


Prana is the spiritual energy “chi” which is contained in the breath, and emitted from all things (especially the sun). It’s the essence of life force which travels through the ethers and sustains our mind and body. This bundle will not only help you to practice invigorating your chakras (literally ‘wheels’ of prana) it will teach you through lectures what the nature of Prana is and why it is important in spiritual development. Shaktipat Seer has mastered the circulation of Prana and its flow through the subtle nadi system and provides here a wellspring of experience based on various traditions which will guide you to “circulating the light” and cleansing all emotional and mental obstacles and reinvigorating the pure and pristine nature of your mind and body. These 20+ files for a small donation of $9.99 are not available anywhere else!



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