Supreme Stillness [full album] + Bonus Tracks


Each album of this three-part series gives you about 20+ individual tracks and over an hour of masterfully produced meditation music by Shaktipat Seer, easily downloadable and transferable to your preferred device.

Whether you incorporate this original music into your meditation sadhana, use it for studying or relaxing, or just enjoying it generally, you’ll find that these tracks evoke the deep emotions of awareness in the meditative state, as expressed by Shaktipat Seer.

Numerous studies have shown that music can have a powerful effect on the brain, it can treat alzheimer’s, anxiety and stress related disorders, reduce blood pressure, and trigger the dopamine receptors in your brain related to happiness! As a bonus, you’ll receive an additional hour-long meditation track titled “Mt. Sumeru” as well as a 10-minute track which incorporates the mantras of each chakra to help stimulate and energize the nadis in your subtle body!


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