Tantric Meditation Course


Awaken the Kundalini with authentic Tibetan Tantric techniques!

This 8-part course will teach you authentic Tibetan Buddhist tantric techniques to bring your meditation to the next level and give you the full experience of the bliss of tantra enjoyed by the masters and passed on in a guru-disciple relationship since ancient times.

Following the tantric theme of sun (outer aspect) moon (inner aspect) and fire (secret aspect) you will progress from mastering basic posture and breathing, to purifying your mind into the ground of the primordial nature, uniting with the non-dual, and bringing all your inner senses into one experience. Once this outer and inner nature is united, the secret nature unfolds with the awakening of the Third Eye and the Kundalini, with the aid of sacred Tibetan seed syllables (included in your pack).

Tantra means a “continuity” of awareness, not only from the sphere of the ultimate reality down to the individual, but the continuity of Shakti (spiritual energy) and the experience of that ultimate reality as it is transmitted between master and disciple.

This course is guaranteed to serve as a basis by which you can work with to stir the prana within your nadis (psychic channels) and awaken the Kundalini and the Third Eye.

When these tools are learned you will experience a depth of consciousness and bliss that you never knew existed, raising your meditation to the highest levels and giving you peace and insight which will help you develop greatly along your path.

As with all of our products to do with Shakti (spiritual energy) merely by hearing the audio of these guided meditations and allowing Shaktipat Seer to instruct you, you will feel the downpour of spiritual energy (Shaktipat) as it is transmitted to you as it has been done from master-disciple on throughout time.

Pick up these quick and easy tools today and master your meditations!


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