Third Eye Bundle


Shaktipat Seer was one of the very first people in the west to start teaching and transmitting the “Shaktipat Diksha” which awakens the Third Eye. His technique has been tried and tested, gathered from years of personal experience and studying of the ancient spiritual sciences of the east and west to come up with these meditations offered to you for a small donation of $9.99. You will get over 20 meditations based on the essence of eastern and western wisdom, and infused with the Shaktipat Diksha which will automatically transmit the pranic energy to your third eye to awaken it and bring the rest of your chakras into alignment, clearing emotional and mental obstacles and helping you lift yourself to a higher state of consciousness and being. Shaktipat Seer’s meditations on the Third Eye have been viewed by over a million people and continue to enlighten and awaken the earth; with this pack you will receive 20+ hitherto unavailable meditations totalling nearly 1,000 minutes of content that will keep you busy for months!


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